Physical Product Realization

"A Dark and Stormy Night" is a realtime sound visualizer built in Unity and using ChucK for audio processing. Inspired by the serenity of listening to music in solitude, the visualizer features a lonesome house on an island in the middle of nowhere- an island protected by a surrounding waveform and cloud cover that are all generated in real time.


This project was created for Stanford ME103: Product Realization

Laser-cut acrylic
3D printed resin
3D printed PLA
LED lights
Selected hardware

Fusion 360
Product Design


This project began with the goal of creating a playful and colorful lollipop-shaped lamp.

My initial sketches involved generating a plan for how to fabricate my parts, the main component being a hand cast in aluminum.

From my sketches, I created a size prototype and began modeling the hand in Blender.

I split the hand in half and added blind locating features on the inside, then 3D printed the two halves. This allowed me to ensure both halves were perfectly aligned on my pattern board for when I cast.

Importantly, my model contained a separate gate and runner for the poured aluminum to distribute properly in the mold and a rectangle on the bottom to act as a mounting block for the post-machining process.

Before assembling my pattern board, I added several layers of Bondo and sanded it down to remove the facets and achieve a more organic shape.

After assembling, I rammed up several times before getting a good pull that I could cast.

After casting in aluminum, I had several final steps. First, I removed my gate and runner and did some initial filing to remove sharp corners. Once I was happy, I mounted my piece on the mill and slowly worked up the size of the drill bit until I reached a 3/4 in hole for the lollipop.

I sanded the hand on the belt sander and buffing wheel to achieve a dimpled, organic, and shiny finish.

Finally, I modeled two lollipop halves with snap features, printed them on the resin printer, and assembled my final product!