I’m a lover of many things: ice cream, spotify playlists, the universe, science fiction, and Mexican food. When it comes to my personal projects, I’m always itching for something fun and new to learn: whether that’s experimenting with illustration, animation, writing, web development, app development, or simply doodling to gather my thoughts.
     If it's interdisciplinary, I'm interested.
     Above all though, I’m a lover of people and experiences. I’m fascinated by our interactions with each other and I’m a strong believer that empathy and curiosity are our most valuable and vital tools. The world is full of so much beauty, and I’m on a quest to explore as much as I can. I consider all of my projects a form of metaphorical travel: immersing myself in experiences, learning and exploring a new environment, meeting new people, and applying these new skills to whatever journey I embark on next.
     I believe in the power of human connection, and it’s incredibly special to find people who share that same sense of optimism, wonder, and excitement about everything they do. If you share a similar passion to cultivate positive change, I’m your gal!

Experience in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Suite, Procreate, Webflow, Figma, Python, C++, React Native, Atom, Github, Google Suite, and more.